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Features: LaBoom! Exklusiv - a Fantasy Drama

An old second-hand shop sells old clothes, with spirits of the dead hidden within the threads. The market explodes: shoppers around the world desperately want, old clothes with old secrets...

Winner, Best Independent Foreign film
Motorcity International Film Festival, Detroit, MI Sept 2007

Official Selection
Digital Feature Films 32nd Cairo International Film Festival Dec 2007.

Written and Directed by Jeffery Berlin Green

Official Website: LaBoom! Exklusiv

STORY: Julia works at a small and quiet Second-hand store named LaBoom! Exklusiv. It's an old shop hidden on an old street in the old part of town. Her boyfriend, Maximilian van Helder studies business at an Ivy League university and is at the top of his class. Maximillan has little respect for his girlfriend's work and thinks she should try and find something more meaningful to do. His friend and university colleague Pinot Garcia, has planned an outrageously controversial topic for his thesis: Does magic and wizardry have an impact on economic processes? His professor Götz rejects this idea and threatens to discharge Pinot from the institution.

It's now October. A few weeks before Halloween, or as the Germans call it: The Day of the Dead. Maximilian's nights are plagued with visually enticing dreams. Late at night on his sleepless walks, he begins to discover mysterious things in the second-hand store; among them- whispering voices and mannequins in the shop window that appear to come to life. In the newspapers and on TV it's Breaking News: "Second-hand clothes are the hottest trend",- but no one can explain why. Suddenly, frantic customers begin storming the once quiet LaBoom second-hand shop in search of very special items, and Pinot's thesis may get the proof it needs: Do old clothes contain the spirits and emotions of their previous owners? Are there secret powers hidden deep within their threads? In the end, this Second-hand shop is more than just a shop, but a gate through which souls are reunited.

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