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Features: Ehrenbreitstein

Year 2091

The White Laser has been developed. A formidable weapon; the destructive limits of which are unknown. In January of 2091 it was fired. Satellite scanners picked up the blast as it left the atmosphere at 02:21 Eastern time, yet there was little to be done during the 8 minutes 19 seconds the powerful light pulse took to reach it's intended target: the Sun. The resulting burst of solar wind and coronal mass ejections neverfore seen catapult the world into immediate chaos.

It was no accident, but a plan executed by a man and his people who wished to return the world to the medieval age. The epicenter of this castastrophy; Ehrenbreitstein, a 1,200 year-old fortress... now reborn.

[In Development; Treatment available]Screenplay: Jeff Green

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Jeffery Berlin Green 2013