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About Jeffery Berlin Green




© Jeffery Berlin Green 2010

“One of my personal rules on filmmaking can be expressed as such: Every frame or picture should be well-composed and worthy of framing. That's a lot of portraits: 25 per second on average. Having an intuition for dramatic image composition is the key to achieving this.”
Jeff Green

Jeff has worked as a Writer, Director, Cinematographer, and Producer on various independent projects for the past 10 years from Texas to California to Europe, and has successfully converted micro-budget projects into award-winning features and documentaries. Jeff focuses on unique and original story development, and maximizing on exceptional character development.

„Jeffery Berlin Green knows the art of filmmaking: Many produce movies with extravagant actions and elaborate effects; Jeffery, however, lets images and words tell the story. Fascinating!”
Wolfgang Roser, Cinematographer



Photo: Josiene Jessurun